Extreme to the Core

05 July 2016

Extreme to the Core

deBotech has designed a new foilboard, the X Air "Black" board, built in DIAB’s Divinycell composite.

DIAB describes Foilboard’s as a type of surfboard that use a hydrofoil that extends under the surface  letting riders fly out of the water when towed by a powerboat or kite. DIAB says the X Air “Black” is  light enough to let you soar above the waves and tough enough to take anything you can throw at it.

For over two decades, deBotech has successfully engineered solutions for many industries known for testing the limits of carbon fibre products, ranging from auto racing and water sports to aviation and aerospace. With a record that includes the 2010 gold medal-winning Olympic bobsled, 2014 Sochi Olympic medal winning bobsleds and skeletons, components in America's Cup sailing along with multiple championships with his local Nascar Teams. deBotech was the obvious supplier for Georgia-based X Air when they were looking for a carbon fibre expert to design and produce a cutting-edge foilboard, the X Air ‘Black’.

To meet the performance needs of foilboarding, DIAB says that deBotech's design needed to consider both the stiffness and weight of the board. While a solid laminate would have provided the required thickness, it would have been far too heavy to generate lift. Use of sandwich composites offered the perfect solution for these technical constraints.

DIAB says it was deBotech's first choice to supply the foam core for this unique project. DIAB recommended Divinycell H80 for its supreme buoyancy and high strength-to-weight ratio, as well as its ability to withstand the excessive heat used in deBotech's precise manufacturing process. Weighing in at a mere 6.47 lbs, the finished X Air board is guaranteed to fly out of the water thanks to its Divinycell core.

Taking advantage of DIAB's kitting services has allowed deBotech to ensure consistent quality while simultaneously cutting manufacturing time. DIAB provided 44mm sheets of Divinycell H80 pre-cut and shaped to the design specifications. With a pre-machined foam core, deBotech also saved on labor and material costs and minimised material stocks and waste.

In addition to being lightweight, DIAB says its Divinycell H80 can withstand repeated slamming and impact loads, and the strength of the material makes for a rigid board to provide the responsiveness that professionals demand. It says that extensive testing by pro riders to stress and damage the X Air ‘black’ have been fruitless.


Photo provided by DIAB

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