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High Performance Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives from Intertronics

16 February 2016

High Performance Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives from Intertronics

Intertronics has released a new adhere series of two-component methyl methacrylate adhesives which it says offers primerless, superior-strength bonds on most metals, thermoplastics and composites with fast room temperature cure times in the order of 9-15 minutes.

Intertronics explains that this speed of cure is of great benefit in short cycle time production schedules where these high strength, lightweight adhesives produce durable, high impact structural bonds for a wide range of manufactured products.They are resistant to weathering, salt spray and QUV radiation, as befits their development in the automobile industry where they are used worldwide in the production of plastics assemblies.

The benefits of IRSL&L A-K083 and A-K085 high performance adhesives are now available to the wider manufacturing arena, with this series available in clear and black, adds Intertronics. They are convenient and easy to use (with a mix ratio of 1:1) on most metals, thermoplastics and composite substrates, including carbon steel, stainless steel, electrogalvanized steel, hot dip galvanised steel, aluminium, ABS, fibreglass and sheet moulded composite. In addition, they are non-flammable and low odour with low shrinkage.

Photo provided by Intertronics

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