Bang & Bonsomer Launches Gelcoat Production in Finland

16 August 2016

Bang & Bonsomer plans to open its new Gelcoat manufacturing unit in its Kokkola warehouse site in Finland by Q4 2016.

This investment will allow Bang & Bonsomer to manufacture and sell the very successful and highly valued range of POLYCOR QUICKMIX gel coats supplied by Polynt Composites.

According to Bang & Bonsomer, it is of high importance to have local presence in Finland in order to provide fast service for customers – the composite laminate producers in various industry segments as Marine, Transportation, Energy, Sanitary etc.

It claims that these gel coats have earned the reputation as being the best technology gel coats on the market, available in any RAL shade and manufactured using exactly the same high quality raw materials as standard POLYCOR production. The high accuracy production machines use proven technology for excellent results. The machines have self-checking gravimetric technology, which produce the most consistent and reliable batch-to-batch quality by accurately weighing the raw materials.

Available in spray or brush grade, POLYCOR QUICKMIX is described as providing a durable, porosity free surface that will look fantastic in most composite applications. This gel coat will come ready to apply, needing only the addition of Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP).


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