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Redelease Expands Semi-permanent Release Agent Options for the Composite Market

09 August 2016

Redelease has expanded the options of semi-permanent release agents which it provides to the composites manufacturers.

From now on, Redelease offers, in addition to Chem-Trend´s Chemlease family, semi-permanent release agents of Marbocote, a company that has extensive experience in the production of raw materials for high-performance composites. In parallel, Redelease says it follows supplying the market with Ycon semi-permanent release agents, products that integrate a wide line for surface treatment – it is also formed by chemical barrier and adhesion promoters for substrates of different expansion coefficients, protective coatings and aesthetic for cement facades and sublimation resins, among others.

The decision to expand the portfolio, explains Roberto Iacovella, CEO of Redelease, was motivated by the wide variety of composite moulding processes currently employed in Brazil. “In the past, technologies were basically manuals and in open moulds. Over time, Brazilians moulders have access to more modern systems of processing, such as RTM, filament winding, pultrusion and infusion, which requires release agents more specific”, he said.

Redelease is responsible for the introduction in Brazil, in 1997, of the concept of semi-permanent mould release of composite parts.

“Due to the technical work we have done over the years, we have a great identification with the Brazilian market when it comes to semi-permanent mould release. So much so that, in addition to provide these products to more than 600 companies, Redelease was elected four times Top of Mind of the Composites Industry in the category ‘Release Agent’.” Organised by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), Top of Mind is the most important award in Brazilian composite industry.


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