Dymax Receives Two US Patents

02 August 2016

Dymax has been awarded two patents that cover adhesive and coating compositions respectively-by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

US Patent No. 9,315,695 entitled ‘Actinic Radiation and Moisture Dual Curable Composition’ further extend the scope of the company’s dual-cure technology. Dymax explains that this patent is for a dual-cure liquid adhesive composition that facilitates polymerisation by exposure to actinic radiation and moisture. The invented composition cures into optically clear materials with both actinic radiation and moisture. It’s ideal for electronic applications; where shadow areas with reliability risk may exist.

It explains that the second US Patent holds number 9,340,704 and is entitled ‘Sunlight Curable Coating Compositions’ was received for sunlight curable coating compositions. The coating - derived from the invented formula - is said to exhibit quick drying time; rapidly becoming a tack-free surface with excellent flexibility and hardness. After exposure to sunlight, the pencil hardness of the coating increases dramatically. The coating also shows very good abrasion resistance.


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