ALMACO Provides Raw-material Similarity Search Service to MVC

12 April 2016

The Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) was hired by MVC Soluções em Plásticos to provide a rawmaterial similarity search service.

ALMACO explains that, if the results of the survey indicate that there are no similar raw materials produced in Brazil, MVC will be able to request the government a reduction in the import duty.

“We estimate savings of up to US$ 50,000 per year by reducing the tax,” said Luciane Oliveira, MVC’s Supply Area Executive. In total, the company asked ALMACO to survey 17 items, including foams, fabrics and adhesives. “These raw materials are used in the production of composite parts supplied to the wind energy, transportation and agricultural sectors.”

For a small fee per raw material surveyed, ALMACO issues, after thirty business days, a report attesting the existence or not of national similar goods. “For the company to be able to initiate the process, the government requires the issuance of a document of non-similarity prepared by a professional association,” says Paulo Camatta, Executive Manager of ALMACO.

“With this new service, ALMACO contributes to increasing the competitiveness in the Brazilian market of composite materials,” said Camatta.


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