Polinox Strengthens its Presence in the Wind Sector

22 September 2015

This year, approximately 10% of Polinox’s production has been absorbed by the wind segment, one of the few representatives of the Brazilian industry undergoing a positive scenario – either because of exports or due to the local contracts executed before the crisis.

“The manufacturers of components for the generation of wind power have orders until the end of 2016. In addition, there is an estimated annual growth in demand of 30% up to 2018,” said Roberto Pontifex, Director of Polinox.

According to Polinox, from its portfolio, which includes more than 40 types of organic peroxides, the favourite products of the manufacturers of blades and components, such as nacelles, are Brasnox MCP and Brasnox MCP 45 CR. “These are blends of methyl ethyl ketone and cumene characterised by low exotherm, long gel time and excellent final curing,” Pontifex explains.

According to Pontifex, supplying to the wind sector certifies the quality and performance of Polinox’s products. “It took months of rigorous tests performed here and abroad until we managed to have the approvals. It is a market that operates with the very best in terms of raw materials for moulding composites”.

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