Airtech Advanced Materials Group Introduces the New Premium Multi-Valve 408 Vac Valve

15 September 2015

Airtech Advanced Materials Group Introduces the New Premium Multi-Valve 408 Vac Valve

Airtech has introduced a solid body design Premium Multi-Valve 408 which combines the male quick disconnect and thru-bag connector, eliminating threaded connections and potential leak paths.

According to Airtech, robust stainless steel construction ensures corrosion resistance and long life. High temperature O-ring and a platinum cured silicone gasket give long service and is interface compatible with Parker Snap-Tite 1/4" style quick disconnect. The valve mechanism and O-ring seals can easily be replaced to extend life.

Airtech claims the benefits are:

  • Design eliminates threaded plug connection and all risk of vacuum leakage.

  • Seals and valve parts can be easily replaced to extend life.

  • Stainless steel construction means no coating breakdown at high temperature.

Airtech will be exhibiting in Hall 3, Stand E20.

Photo provided by Airtech.

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