ACP Expands Machining Capabilities with 5 Axis Precision Machining

08 September 2015

ACP Expands Machining Capabilities with 5 Axis Precision Machining

ACP Composites (ACP) has added a 5-axis precision machining centre to its manufacturing capabilities in Livermore, California, US.

ACP expects the addition of this multi-function tool to enable it to offer a wider range of milling, aperture machining, contouring, finishing, drilling and three-dimensional machining with accuracy, speed and ease. 5-axis machining also allows them to deliver an additional range of part sizes and shapes.

According to ACP, the term “5-axis” refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move a part on five different axes at the same time, allowing the cutting tool to approach the part from all directions for versatile cutting of complicated work piece without any compromise in rigidity or stability.

Now ACP says they can machine a component in a single setup, reducing time, cost and improving machining productivity. Additionally, greater machining accuracy and higher quality surface finishes can be achieved.

This acquisition is part of ACP’s commitment to helping their customers take advantage of the capacity of composite materials and help differentiate products.

George Sparr, ACP CEO says, “The addition of this tool is the crown jewel in our manufacturing facility. We are extremely proud to add this sophisticated piece of equipment, making us a full-service composites fabricator.”

Photo provided by ACP Composites.

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