New White Paper Explains How to Achieve Better Process Controls with Light-Cure Technology

26 May 2015

Dymax’s new white paper explains how light-curable materials in the manufacturing process actually allow for better process controls than other adhesive options, what the benefits of using them are, and what those process controls look like.  

According to Dymax, process controls in manufacturing are used to ensure that products are made to the highest standard possible. It says that, when effective procedures are laid out for each step in the manufacturing process, it's much easier to reduce the risk of damage, failure, and loss.

Dymax says that good process controls can help a company turn out the best version of its product and have fewer headaches along the way. Employees are able to understand what to do, when to do it, and how to do it well. But some technologies, such as light-curable materials, lend themselves to smoother processes than others. The White Paper is available for download at

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