Agr International and Uniloy Demonstrate Turn-Key Package for Injection-Blowmoulding and Inspection

10 March 2015

Agr International will collaborate with Uniloy to display its OptiCheck vision inspection system in conjunction with the Uniloy UIB 199-3 Hybrid blowmoulding system producing pharmaceutical bottles at NPE 2015, 23 - 27 March, Florida, US.

Agr explains that the OptiCheck system is a vision system designed to manage the quality of plastic containers presented on a table-top conveyor. According to Agr, the OptiCheck system is modular and can be configured for inspection of the entire container or for specific attributes including seal surface, sidewall, base and label defect detection as well as laboratory-precision finish gauging. The OptiCheck system is designed specifically for the unique measurement and inspection requirements of plastic bottles and related containers. The combination of the Agr OptiCheck and the Uniloy UIB 199-3 represent a turn-key system that offers an efficient and compact solution for producing high-quality bottles for a variety of applications.

Photo provided by Agr.

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