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PPE Launch EASYPERM at JEC 2015

03 March 2015

PPE Launch EASYPERM at JEC 2015

PPE will be launching EASYPERM, a system that uses an innovative technology for measuring and evaluating the ability of reinforcement to let resin flow, and for characterising it in three dimensions at JEC Europe 2015.

PPE claims that currently, EASYPERM is the only system on the market to offer an industrial solution for measuring the permeability of a dry reinforcement through thickness (Z) and in-plane (X,Y), and allows evaluation of the capacity of reinforcement to be impregnated by a liquid resin. “This is a crucial step in performing filling simulations for large and complex parts, but also for process optimisation in the case of high production rate, particularly as it can be used to characterise all types of fibre (glass, carbon, aramid, flax, hemp, etc.), while minimising the amount of material needed,” explains Jérôme Raynal, PPE's Sales and Export Director.

According to PPE, EASYPERM is an extremely reliable quality control system because it relies on pressure measurement via a network of sensors, which is then post-processed using Darcy's law. “EASYPERM uses a measurement technology which has been developed and used over the past ten years, but also integrates the latest developments in measurement precision,” says Henri Perrin, PPE’s R&D Manager.

The physical nature of this measurement eliminates any human interpretation error. “The market was expecting a robust, compact, reliable and easy-to-use testing bench” says Jean-Pierre Cauchois, PPE’s Technical Director.

EASYPERM is the first equipment of the EASY range of products promoted by PPE. “Today we are one of the only market players to support our customers in the three steps that are characterisation (with EASYPERM), modeling (with PAM RTM software from ESI Group), and prototyping” adds Aurélien Phillipe, PPE’s Engineering Manager.

PPE will hold live demonstrations twice daily during the show at 11:00 am and 15:00 from Hall 7.2, Stand H73.

Photo provided by Easyperm.

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