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Cytec Launches Ground-Breaking DForm Fabric Tooling Prepreg BMI at JEC Europe 2015

03 March 2015

Cytec Industries is launching bismaleimide (BMI) versions of its DForm fabric tooling prepreg during JEC Europe 2015.

DForm, Deformable Composite System, is described as an innovative prepreg format that combines short fibre conformability with the handling and laminate characteristics of a conventional long fibre composite. DForm’s unique deformation characteristics are achieved through selective fibre slitting of a fabric prepreg. DForm does not require detailed laminating. This prepreg system flows under pressure, replicating precise details, retaining thickness and fibre orientation and producing an excellent surface finish.

DForm fabric tooling prepreg is commercialised as formatted multi-ply tiles of standard fabric tooling prepreg to which Cytec disruptive DForm technology has been applied. Cytec explains that benefits include lay-up time reduction by approximately 75% thanks to the advanced material conformability and the multi-ply tile formatting, saving significant lay-up and de-bulking time.

Brad Sawyer, CEO of Sawyer Composite said “Cytec’s Technical service assisted us in trialling DForm BMI fabric tooling prepreg. We were impressed by the ability to quickly put down material allowing us to manufacture tools with greater efficiency compared to standard woven formats. For us, DForm combines the stability of BMI tooling with a considerable reduction in layup time. We have several programs for 2015 that will be using DForm and look forward to applying the advantages of this unique tooling prepreg”.

Neil Cureton, Global Tooling Market Manager at Cytec Industries said “Offering 4 times greater output from current lay-up staff and lower tool production costs, DForm fabric tooling prepreg will revolutionise the manufacture of composite tooling, bringing a significant cost reduction to aerospace tool manufacturers who will see DForm BMI as a cost-efficient alternative to Invar”.

Cytec will be exhibiting in Hall 7.1, Stand D17, and will also be showcasing this technology in the demonstration area in Hall 7.1.

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