AOC Installs New Emulsion Mixer at Mexico Manufacturing Plant

07 July 2015

AOC has expanded manufacturing capabilities at its Mexico facility with the addition of a new emulsion mixer.

AOC says this highly-specialised mixer creates a key ingredient used in fibreglass manufacturing. The equipment was installed to support AOC’s customer, Owens Corning, at their facility in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

“We are continuing to invest in and expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers’ needs,” said Fletcher Lindberg, AOC’s Vice President, Marketing.

AOC explains that it has additional emulsion mixing capabilities at their manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario, US. “Having two locations with this specialised mixing ability will increase our capacity and flexibility,” Lindberg added.

The new mixer produces stable emulsions which meet customer’s specification and helps them improve their process efficiency. AOC products utilise the company’s proprietary process control and data collection system. Detailed data from every stage of every process is recorded, analysed and stored to continuously improve quality and consistency from batch to batch.

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