Wisconsin Thermoset Molding and Rose Polymer Composites Merge to Bring Full Complement of Capabilities to Key Markets

20 January 2015

Wisconsin Thermoset Molding and Rose Polymer Composites Merge to Bring Full Complement of Capabilities to Key Markets

Wisconsin Thermoset Molding and Rose Polymer Composites have joined forces in a merger in a move that WTM Vice President of Sales, Andy Stroh, says will give customers access to technology that will help them get their products to market quicker and at the lowest overall cost.

The transaction positions the firms to act as a one-stop-shop solution for small and large composite moulded components that can be tailored for superior thermal and mechanical performance.  Markets include electrical power, appliance, mass transit, construction and oil.

“WTM has traditionally been a low volume, high mix moulder for small to medium-sized parts,” says Stroh of the 73-year-old company. “Rose Polymer Composites is one of just a few companies in the industry dedicated to compression moulding large parts. The alliance fuses the strengths of both companies and allows us to proactively customise components from concept, prototyping and testing to tooling and production methods.

If a customer can draw their idea on a napkin, we’ll show them the combined problem-solving power of WTM and Rose Polymer.”

Stroh notes that the alignment will mean an increase in capital equipment investments, permitting the moulders to enhance cost reduction methods through the use of advanced materials, improved prototyping and faster processing. Also on the menu are expanded finishing capabilities and new services like parts assembly. “Combining resources gives us the infrastructure we need to support growth and penetrate new markets,” he says.

WTM and Rose Polymer plan to eliminate the guesswork associated with inventory management. “Our goal is to create value through a customer centric approach,” Stroh says. “In addition to producing parts, that means taking on the administrative duties involved with supply requirements so that the manufacturers we work with can focus on what’s important – meeting their customers’ demands.”

WTM and Rose Polymer say they will maintain their separate locations with the goal to consolidate under one roof within the next three to five years. WTM will act as the central contact for customers for both locations.

Photo provided by WTM.

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