Harper Awarded Contract for Multiple Furnaces by Chinese Research Institute for Thermal Processing of Advanced Ceramic Powders

20 January 2015

Harper International has finalised a contract exceeding $3 Million USD for high temperature Vertical and Rotary reactors to support East China Research Institute of Microelectronics (ECRIM).

The systems will be used in the production of advanced ceramic materialsfor applications requiring high thermal conductivity such as high power LED lighting products and other cutting-edge heat sink substrates.

Harper says its combination of Vertical and Rotary systems will perform a reaction onthe client’s materialsin a controlled gaseous atmosphere at temperatures up to 2000°C. The advanced graphite Vertical furnace is designed to overcome the engineering challenges associated with such high temperatures and enable long furnace life. The system also incorporates technology to manage the flowability of the material, preventing bridging of the materialsand ultimately increasing production uptime.

“Harper’s trusted expertise in linking process steps and enabling seamless operations for the customer is shown here. These integrated series of furnaces will also include materialshandling and engineering of material throughput through multiple process steps,” commented Dr. Prasad Apte, Director of Technology at Harper International. “Our advanced sealing technology is also integral to delivering a robust system to the customer to control reaction and ensure long life of the furnace.”

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