Composites Manufacturer MCL puts Pupils in Pole Position for National Competition

13 January 2015

Composites Manufacturer MCL puts Pupils in Pole Position for National Competition

MCL, UK-based manufacturer of composite products, is helping Endon High School’s year 9 and 10 pupils to create a winning racing car concept for the national GreenPower Car Competition next year.

According to MCL, the task involves seven boys aged 13-14 who are building a racing car to participate in the IET Formula 24 division of the competition. The teenagers have successfully created the chassis and electrical drive unit for a successful racing car, however their efforts to manufacture a body for the racing car have proven challenging. The pupils are aiming to create a body made from plastic or fiberglass before the first regional heat, which takes place in May - and have therefore contacted MCL for help and guidance.

Stephen Wright, Group Risk and Innovation Director at MCL, says “This is a very exciting project and we are delighted that Endon High School has contacted us. We’re always keen to help develop pupils’ interest in manufacturing, engineering and problem solving. It’s been very inspirational for us to see how their young minds work and their eagerness and resilience in solving problems. They all have a great deal of ability and I have a feeling that one or two of them might become very successful technical and design development engineers in the future.”

The aim of the annual GreenPower Car competition is to design a highly efficient electric powered vehicle, which can travel up to 30mph for up to four hours. However it is not all about the race, the judges also look at the engineering behind the car. The competitors will be judged on the design as well as the function of the car.

The regional heat of the competition takes place in May 2015, where a top three finish guarantees a place in the national final held in October at Goodwood Motor Circuit, UK.

Richard Wood, Deputy Head Teacher at Endon High School explains “We’re thrilled that MCL are able to help us, the pupils have found it very helpful and inspirational. We were looking for someone to come into school and give the team some advice about what materials to use or even better show them how to design something that could be made using the computer. Having a major local manufacturer pay them a visit in person will really inspire them and teach them about how projects are developed in real life. MCL has been such a great support for the pupils and they have already learned so much, along with finding a new interest in composites and manufacturing.”

All competition vehicles use the same batteries and electric motors, and are built using kits aimed at teaching the basics of automotive design. The goal is to design the car that travels the furthest distance in a set period of time using a set amount of energy.

Photo provided by MCL.

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