ALMACO Leads Reverse Logistics Program

13 January 2015

The Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) is leading a program that aims to enable the reverse logistics of composite parts.

According to ALMACO, the initiative takes place in Paraná, a Brazilian state that has been at the forefront in the implementation of this type of agreement between the government and the private sector. “After the meeting we had with the secretary of environment, it was agreed that ALMACO has up to 120 days to submit a plan that enables the reverse logistics of composite parts,” said Paulo Camatta, Executive Manager of the Association.

To support it in this project, ALMACO initially relies on the participation of the National Association of Bus Manufacturers (FABUS) and several companies that integrate the production chain of composite materials, such as Caio, CPIC, Comil, Devolva, Embrasat, Fiberbus, Jushi, LORD, Marcopolo, Mascarelo, Morquímica, MVC, Neobus, Owens Corning, Petrofisa, Reichhold and Tecnofibras.

“We are seeking the support of more companies and associations, such as the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association. In general, the lack of a consistent reverse logistics strategy will lead to penalties to those responsible and co-responsible for the disposal, hence why it is essential to have the assistance from the largest possible number of players who, somehow, operate in such a versatile sector as the composites sector,” said Camatta.

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