CME Receive Supplier Excellence Award from General Motors for Second Consecutive Year

10 February 2015

Composite Materials Engineering (CME) has been awarded the 2014 Supplier Quality Excellence Award by General Motors in Australia.


This is the second consecutive year that CME have received the award and is recognition of CME’s ongoing commitment to providing high quality, lightweight composite components to the automotive industry.

The Quality Excellence awards are determined by Metric Selection Criteria, where Tier 1 suppliers and their performance is measured against a table of 13 key requirements.


CME Managing director Brian Hughes says, “CME’s primary focus has been to deliver weight reduction solutions to the sector through advanced technology. It is good to receive the award from General Motors as a lot of other prospective customers use the automotive industry as a gauge of a company's capabilities. We have been using this expertise to help diversify our business into other key industries for the past 5 years, but have not lost focus on the auto industry, which this award shows”.

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