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Suominen Starts Planning Process for New Production Line Investment

03 February 2015

Suominen has started a planning process to execute an investment in a new wetlaid production line in order to implement its growth strategy.


According to Suominen, the planned investment would be the largest single initiative in Suominen’s growth investment program. It explains, they have a long experience in creating unique products using wetlaid technology and say this possible addition would allow it to further strengthen its market leader position.


The company’s initial plans say the new nonwovens manufacturing line would serve several higher value-adding end-use applications, and would be essential for the execution of its growth strategy. Suominen is looking at building the new line in North America, a continent where demand for high value-adding nonwovens has both developed favorably historically and also has attractive growth forecasts.


“I am extremely pleased to announce this major move in the execution of our growth strategy. Since we are still in the preparation phase of the investment project, several important decisions, including selection of machine suppliers, are still to be made. Consequently, we cannot yet comment the total value of the investment, but it is safe to conclude that this constitutes the most significant single initiative in the 30 – 50 million Euro growth investment program we announced in December”, says Nina Kopola, President & CEO of Suominen Corporation.

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