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RAMPF Production Systems Named Official System Partner of KUKA Roboter for Third Year Running

03 February 2015

RAMPF Production Systems Named Official System Partner of KUKA Roboter for Third Year Running

For the third year running, RAMPF Production Systems has been named official system partner of KUKA Roboter, a supplier of robots and automated production plants and solutions.


“The successful collaboration with KUKA Roboter reflects the high relevance of robotic solutions in the field of dispensing systems,” says Bernd Faller, Managing Director of RAMPF Production Systems. “The growing demands of our customers correlate with an increase in the automation of their production processes. KUKA’s comprehensive product range helps us to manage even the most complex automation tasks and offer our customers truly holistic systems solutions.”


The KUKA System Partner program cements successful, long-term cooperative system partnerships with selected companies. This way, KUKA Roboter combines its own specialist expertise in the field of robotics with the industry-specific know-how of each system partner. “Robots are often used for operating discharge devices when dispensing foam gaskets and adhesives,” explains Hartmut Storz, Director of Sales & Marketing at RAMPF Production Systems. Furthermore, additional processes such as plasma activation and assembly operation are being carried out by robots. The required tool change is carried out by standardised systems. “A wide variety of production tasks and differing process requirements with moderately short cycle times are the ideal parameters for robotic assisted manufacturing.”


RAMPF Production Systems has also developed dispensing systems which are used for clean-room production. Care must be taken to ensure that surfaces are easy to clean and that particle emissions are carefully monitored and kept to a minimum. Here, KUKA KR AGILUS CR (Cleanroom) robots perform handling tasks and complex dispensing processes. The robots show a clean-room suitability for cleanliness class 2 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. When operating the cleanroom robot, the maximum permitted limits for particles in a clean-room of cleanliness class 2 is kept.


Photo provided by RAMPF.

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