Negri Bossi Exhibit a Wide Range of Technological Capabilities at NPE 2015

03 February 2015

Negri Bossi Exhibit a Wide Range of Technological Capabilities at NPE 2015

Negri Bossi will be exhibiting at NPE 2015 in Orlando, Florida, US from 23 - 27 March 2015 in Booth W643 through its subsidiary Negri Bossi North America.


The company says it will exhibit a wide range of technological capabilities available across their line of premium quality injection moulding machines, aimed especially at demonstrating their expertise with multi-component moulding applications.

Negri Bossi are making four of their most popular injection moulding machine models available and several of their Sytrama robots: the first one will be a Vesta All Electric VE330-1580 equipped with a 4-cavity coat hanger mould with gas assist technology; the new Sytrama Robot Model S9-L will complete the process. It says a second area will showcase an ELEOS 65-210 running a single cavity sunglasses case with live-hinge. This machine has huge tie bar space and a cantilever two-platen clamping unit, offering impressive capabilities within a tiny footprint.


According to the company, the new Sytrama Robot ONE-L Model demonstrates automation of a standard injection moulding process with the robot configured for clamp end deposit of moulded part in a small footprint. The Canbio Evolution series, a core solution ideal for general purpose moulding, will also be on show with an e300-2100 running a specialised industrial part featuring MuCell microcellular foam injection moulding technology. The new Sytrama Robot Model S9T-L will complete the process.


The last solution proposed will be a Canbimat Multi-Material e210-850h-320v with rotary mould table that will produce a special two-colour decorative container. Also in this case the new Sytrama Robot Model S7-L including special gantry mounting will complete the process.


Photo provided by Negri Bossi.

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