Destruction Test Proves MCL’s New Composite Pole Retention Socket Range

03 February 2015

Composites manufacturer MCL has launched a fast and cost effective way of changing the traffic signal and road furniture market, and has demonstrated its effectiveness in conclusive style with a series of live destruction knock down tests.


According to MCL Infrastructure, they have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high quality composite products designed specifically for the highway, construction and utility markets. Its comprehensive range of pole retention sockets are extremely strong, robust yet lightweight and commercially cost effective. These sockets are specially designed for use within the traffic signal market and are believed to be both the lightest and the most cost-effective products of their kind on the market.


The testing of the MCL composite traffic pole socket has been witnessed by delegates from local authorities and specifiers. It was designed to prove that the socket performs in every way as well as alternative heavy steel products in real-world use. The tests involved driving a heavy plant vehicle into different types of poles to simulate a road traffic impact, and then showing how easily and quickly the poles could be changed with no damage to the sockets. These tests were filmed and can be viewed at


The sockets sit below ground, encased in concrete, and poles such as traffic signal poles and lighting columns are slotted into them and then locked firmly into place with cams, making a simple and robust system that, unlike a metal equivalent, contains 100% non-rusting materials.


According to MCL, the MCL composite pole retention socket concept is extremely cost effective to purchase, and quick and efficient both to install and to replace traffic signal poles or lighting columns after they have been damaged or knocked down completely. The process of replacing damaged poles can take place in a matter of minutes. As the unit is made of lightweight composite rather than metal, it also bears a significant impact on health and safety, as contractors are not required to do any heavy lifting to install them.


Mark Owen, Business Director at MCL Infrastructure, explains “The MCL pole retention socket is a product that we are extremely proud of. It not only works to improve road maintenance and safety but it is a key factor in improving working conditions for contractors. This is a product that is much lighter and cheaper than anything else on the market, yet we have proven to local authorities and contractors that it is as effective as the alternatives in every way.”

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