Imperial College Unveils New Triton 1800 Immersion Tank

28 April 2015

Tecnitest has delivered a new Triton 1800 immersion tank to the Imperial College’s Department of Aeronautics, in London, UK.

The tank, measuring 1.8m x 1.2m x 0.8m, will be used by students and research personnel to evaluate problems with composite structures and new developments in this type of material. Technitest explains that it has all the normal features of an immersion tank, such as pulse echo and double through transmission using a back glass within the tank. Furthermore, it has the capability of through transmission within the tank. The images available are A, B and C scan in both Amplitude and Attenuation. The water tank is stainless steel and not Perspex because of the depth required to carry out single through transmission techniques.

Technitest says that the new innovation within this system is the capability to contour follow components, to inspect using pulse echo, using a specially designed ‘Gimbal’ system ensuring that the probe remains perpendicular to the inspection surface, without the need for complicated programming of the movement. The system also has a remote control utilising a tablet, where the system can be programmed and images viewed in real-time during the inspection cycle. A remote station, with high-resolution screens, is used for in-depth evaluation and analysis of the final images.

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