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Teijin Accelerates its Automotive CFRP Businesses

14 April 2015

Teijin Accelerates its Automotive CFRP Businesses

Teijin has integrated its development and marketing of automotive-use carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRTP), aiming to strengthen the group’s business in this highly value-added form of CFRP.

The Automotive Business Development Group launched on 1 April 2015 as a new entity directly under the Carbon Fibres & Composites Business Unit. The unit is responsible for marketing thermoplastic CFRP formerly handled by the Teijin Composites Innovation Centre and thermoset CFRP, formerly handled by Toho Tenax, the core company of the group’s carbon fibres and composites business.

Teijin Composites Innovation Centre reforms its function and will focus on developing technologies for individual projects.

Integrating and reorganising these functions will enable Teijin to accelerate its CFRP business, especially in the highly promising automotive field. Teijin expects to become Japan’s leading provider of CFRP composites for automotive applications.

Teijin developed Sereebo, the world’s first mass-production technology for thermoplastic CFRP with a one-minute takt time, in 2011. Current efforts are focused on developing automotive CFRP products for global automakers in Japan and other countries. Toho Tenax, which spearheads Teijin’s carbon fibres and composites business, is developing automotive-use products such as high-efficiency thermoset CFRP and rapid-curing carbon fibre sheet pre-impregnated with matrix resin.

Teijin now looks forward to providing highly tailored, one-stop solutions for both thermoplastic and thermoset CFRP composites for customers in the automotive field and beyond.

And in other news, Teijin’s R&D centre for Sereebo CFRTP technology obtains ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for testing laboratories.

Teijin Composites Innovation Centre (TCIC) has obtained ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation as a testing laboratory, thereby strengthening its role as the research and development base for Sereebo Teijin’s proprietary technology for mass producing carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP). 

Teijin claims that they have become the world’s first manufacturer of carbon fibre composite materials to obtain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. TCIC will now offer its CFRTP technology for production and evaluation on a one-stop basis, to promote the accelerating application of Sereebo.

Furthermore, Teijin says that third-party accreditation, based on international standards, verifies the competency of the TCIC’s testing operations to evaluate the physical properties of its own CFRTP products and to inspect externally manufactured CFRP products as a third-party organisation.

Following ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, the TCIC’s evaluation capabilities have been reviewed and approved by the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB), an international certification organisation. The TCIC’s evaluation data will now be recognised in a wide number of countries based on an international agreement to which JAB is a signatory.

Since Sereeb was developed in 2011, joint development activities are progressing in collaboration with companies in Japan and other countries. Nikon Corporation has been expanding its use of Sereebo since adopting the technology for the production of its D5300, D3300, D750 and D5500 digital SLR cameras in 2013.

Photo provided by Teijin.

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