Polynt Composites Brings New Technology and Investment to Vinyl Ester Market

14 April 2015

Polynt Composites USA has announced an innovative new product to the market with its Core Shell Rubber Modified Vinyl Ester Technology; and to date, they report that the industry response has been excellent.

This new focus on vinyl esters also brings the benefits of this technology to the coatings industry with formulations for high performance coatings resins. 

The new product showcases the properties important to composites manufacturers, including damage tolerance, self-healing properties, and machinability. Additionally, by the end of second quarter 2015, Polynt Composites USA will bring online an additional high performance reactor specifically for their top quality vinyl ester products. 

Located in Texas, US, the new reactor will position the corporation to fully supply customers worldwide. “Vinyl ester technology is a key area of focus for Polynt Composites USA,” says Steve Voeks, Polynt Composites Head of Research and Development. “We have combined the technologies and resources of our companies to provide a broad portfolio of products for composites and coatings, and have created a dedicated vinyl ester team in our Research and Development laboratories in Carpentersville, to bring innovative new products to the market. Our investments in our vinyl ester technologies and capacity shows our dedication to the industry and our customers.” 

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