Victrex looks to Lenorplastics for its distribution in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

07 April 2015

From April 2015, Lenorplastics will begin distributing high performance plastics from Victrex in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The two companies expect that PAEK products will penetrate the markets in both countries rapidly as a result of this distributor collaboration. “We explicitly wanted to partner with Victrex, due to the company´s outstanding know-how and technical experience which, across the globe, has resulted in PAEK-based solutions for a broad range of industries,” explains Jwan Meier, General Manager at Lenorplastics. “Sophisticated, high performance polymers from Victrex represent an ideal complement to our product range.”

According to Victrex, the material’s extraordinary property combinations enable customers to reduce weight, production times and overall cost in demanding applications – savings which would be impossible to achieve with standard plastics. That gives customers added value and an edge over the competition. Additional benefits include quality and long-term supply reliability. “We are convinced that we can specifically develop the corresponding market potentials,” concludes Meier.

Knowledge of the importance of customer-focused development of markets is something the two partners share. “Along with the relevant market expertise and technical know-how, Lenorplastics has the necessary business strength together with familiarity with the requirements in key sectors such as the automotive and electronics industries, as well as future trends among companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein,” adds Rainer Müller, European Sales Manager at Victrex. “Those are all the right conditions for successfully marketing our products and growing along with us.”

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