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3B Launch New Food Contact Chopped Strands Glass Fibre Grade

25 March 2014

3B-the fibreglass companyhas expanded its range with the launch of DS 8800-11P, a new food contact chopped strands glass fibre grade for reinforcement of high temperature resins.

3B explains this new product has been designed to reinforce high temperature thermoplastics such as PES, PSU, PESU, PPS, PEI, PEEK, etc.

According to 3B, DS 8800-11P has been designed to comply to most recent food and potable water contact norms such as FDA, EC 10/2011 and relative amendments also after their 31.12.2015 more restrictive applications, as well as to BfR LII and ACS norms.

3B claims that DS 8800-11P exhibits excellent mechanical properties, with the new grade also showing very good heat ageing and hydrolysis/glycolysis resistance.

Claudio Di Gregorio, 3B Product Leader Thermoplastics commented “3B’s focus on continuous innovation at our world-class R&D facility has resulted in a completely new product that supports expansion of reinforced plastics usage in an ever stricter food contact market. Indeed, the growing restrictions related to food contact norms add severe limits to the design freedom of glass fibre products. This normally results in a decrease of product performances associated with a higher cost and a product offering fragmentation. With its new DS 8800-11P for reinforcing high temperature thermoplastics, 3B-the fibreglass company has met the challenge to develop a performing yet cost-competitive product complying with the strictest food-contact norms.

The development and launching of this specific new grade of chopped strand – DS 8800-11P – for high temperature resins highlights and strengthens 3B’s leading position in the European thermoplastics sector.”

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