RTP Company Introduces New Acetal Wear and Friction Compounds

11 March 2014

RTP Company states it has introduced APWA Plus compounds, the latest advancement in its family of wear and friction acetal (POM) compounds, to utilise either homopolymer or copolymer resin.

“As RTP Company does in all of its compound technologies, our wear and friction resistant compounds benefit from our ability to draw upon the widest range of resins and additives to provide optimal customer solutions.” said Gregg Newby, Global Business Manager for Wear and Friction Materials at RTP Company.

RTP Company explains its new APWA Plus compounds are designed to provide numerous benefits over other wear resistant compounds. It claims that APWA Plus compounds utilise a proprietary polymeric alloy to improve wear and friction resistance resulting in moving and sliding parts with longer lifecycles and reduced maintenance costs. It also says that APWA Plus compounds will not plate-out, preventing mould corrosion and frequent mould cleaning which results in production downtime.

According to RTP Company, APWA Plus compounds contain no PTFE, are 100% halogen-free and are fully compliant with RoHS regulations. It claims that using the proprietary alloy as a lubricant results in a lower specific gravity and a more stable lubricant raw material supply which contributes to the competitiveness and reliability of APWA Plus compounds.

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