SCIGRIP Solar Boat Successfully Completes Sea Trials

17 June 2014

SCIGRIP Solar Boat Successfully Completes Sea Trials

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team has accomplished another milestone in preparation for the DONG World Cup Solar Power Challenge.

Last week the Polish entry, named the SCIGRIP Solar Boat, successfully completed stability and speed tests on the water and the team remains confident of an excellent result in this year’s championships hosted in Holland between 28th June and 3rd July.

SCIGRIP explains it is sponsoring the team and providing technical advice and structural bonding products throughout the build process and also during the race. SCIGRIP’s two component, high viscosity methacrylate (MMA) adhesive, SG 230HV has been used to bond what it describes as the largest and most demanding joints such as the bulkheads, engine column and floater beam sections.

It says the product has a 10:1 mix ratio with adjustable cure rates ranging from 30 to 120 minutes, therefore giving the team greater flexibility with regards to working times.

In areas such as the perimeter of the electrical box, SCIGRIP says its SG300-05 has been applied where substrates have to bond and cure very quickly. A black formulation of SG3000 was also used to bond the deck to the hull, allowing the joint to blend seamlessly and be hidden from view. SG100 White has been used to adhere the structure’s floats to the deck and also provides UV protection and prevents discolouration.

According to SCIGRIP, the Solar Boat Team possess a wealth of experience in terms of design, mechanical and boat building skills and the use of advanced composites. This expertise has been channelled into the boat’s construction and the team is delighted to report their 2014 entry is the most lightweight structure they have produced to date.

Having achieved 2nd place in 2008 and 3rd place plus the Innovation Award for the lightest boat in the competition in 2012, hopes remain high for an outstanding performance.

Should any mishaps occur on the water during this highly competitive regatta, SCIGRIP will be issuing specially packaged ‘Repair Packs’ to all of the 42 teams participating. These will include:

  • SG5000-03: The high strength, two component MMA adhesive which requires no surface preparation and is suitable for bonding composites, metals and plastics.
  • CA 25 Pen: An instant, general purpose ethyl based cyanoacrylate adhesive which bonds almost immediately on contact.
  • CA44: Thixotropic gel or paste is non-drip with a fast set formulation and does not run on vertical surfaces.
  • Plus a selection of other SCIGRIP fast curing adhesives and waterproof epoxy sticks formulated to bond easily with wood, aluminium and steel as well as composite substrates.

Photo courtesy of SCIGRIP.

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