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SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team Celebrate Dong Energy Solar Challenge Success

15 July 2014

SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team Celebrate Dong Energy Solar Challenge Success

SCIGRIP is delighted to announce the SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team raced to victory in the Dong Energy Solar Challenge.

The Polish crew completed the five stage, week- long event ahead of their closest rivals by 4 minutes 18 seconds when they crossed the finish line in the city of Leeuwarden in Holland.

“Our team led the Class on and off throughout the race “, remarked Bartosz Puchowski, Captain and Helmsman. “We sailed tactically and I am delighted our efforts paid off. The SCIGRIP Solar Boat performed very well and thanks to its incredibly lightweight structure of 135 kg it had a real speed advantage over our competitors during the reduced solar power phases of the race. As a result of this higher efficiency, the boat was then able to really excel during the longer, sunnier distances of the course reaching maximum speeds of 24 km/h.

According to SCIGRIP, an extensive selection of its products have been used to bond the most demanding sections of the boat including the bulkheads, deck to hull joints, floater beams and the engine column. Bartosz continues, “SCIGRIP’s adhesives were very straightforward and easy to work with.  For the larger structural sections we applied SG230HV which offers a range of working times, is lightweight, easy to apply and exceedingly strong.”


SCIGRIP explains its Marine Repair Kits were distributed to all competitors at the start of the race. These customised packs contained a selection of high performance, fast curing adhesives and waterproof epoxy sticks and allowed any damage incurred to the boats to be quickly mended.


The company state feedback was very positive and a range of repairs on competing boats were accomplished during the race. Team A07 Equipe Solar Brazil used a selection of SCIGRIP’s MMA and fast curing epoxy adhesives to mend their propeller with great success. Ordinarily this type of damage would have required the complete lamination of the affected component with an epoxy resin, certainly not a procedure that can be conducted easily under race conditions. However, thanks to the SCIGRIP products rapid cure times and ability to bond quickly with very little surface treatment, the team was able to complete the task swiftly and safely, enabling them to participate in the race the next day.


“The commitment and dedication the SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team has demonstrated during this project is second to none. We have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with them and through our provision of high strength and reliable adhesive products we have helped the team succeed at the highest level in the competition.” comments Mark Rogan, SCIGRIP’s European Sales and Marketing Manager.

Photo provided by SCIGRIP

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