Mitsubishi Rayon Develop High-Performance Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber Pyrofil MR70

28 January 2014

Mitsubishi Rayon states that it has successfully developed a high performance intermediate modulus (IM) carbon fibre, Pyrofil MR70, which largely exceeds the performance of conventional IM carbon fibres.
The company claims the new product, MR70, is an innovative IM carbon fibre which has strength of 7GPa (1000ksi), a modulus of 325GPa (47msi) and exceeds MR60H, a conventional IM fibre of Mitsubishi Rayon, by 20% on strength and by 10% on modulus. This high performance was achieved by having been able to realise the precise control of the carbon-fibre microstructure and the exclusion of the defects by revisiting thoroughly from the manufacturing process of the precursor.
Mitsubishi Rayon has already started production in a domestic plant and started sample shipments to users such as for aerospace and sports-leisure applications.
The company will accelerate development of the market from which a further high-performance carbon fibre is demanded such as aerospace use, high performance industry use, and sports leisure use by extending user evaluations.

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