TenCate Supplies Armour Systems for Support Ships of Royal Danish Navy

02 December 2014

TenCate has secured an order from the Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) for ballistic protection of the Iver Huitfeldt class frigates and Absalon class support ships of the Royal Danish Navy. 

According to TenCate, the armour systems to be supplied will provide a fully engineered, lightweight solution for the protection of mission-critical areas of the Navy ships. The modular armour kits will be supplied and installed on the ships over the next months. No financial details will be provided.

Managing Director of TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark, Helle Specht states: “As a company with long-standing relationships to the Danish armed forces, we are very proud to be again selected as supplier of armour protection for Danish Navy ships. TenCate has previously supplied large quantities of armour protection during the build-up phase of the ships, and we regard the latest order as an important next step in securing the best protection at the best price for the Danish Navy personnel.”

TenCate explains that its lightweight advanced solution features a modular configuration and is designed to fit the individual geometry of the ships. It says the armour can withstand a variety of threats encountered in mission areas and is fit for the rough environment at sea.

Photo provided by TenCate.

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