Jeco Plastic Products Receives Grant to Develop Plastic Vehicle Armour

05 August 2014

Jeco Plastic Products recently received a research grant from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences.

Using the grant, Jeco Plastic Products explains it is investigating the feasibility of using thermoplastic composite laminates to reinforce existing metallic armour.  The thermoplastic composite laminates promise to increase blast damage resistance without the weight penalty of metallic reinforcement, which reduces off-road mobility.  Tasks set forth in the grant include identifying and evaluating plastic materials and laminate structures through complex custom simulation technology using the Ohio State University supercomputer.

Jeco Plastic Products President and CEO Craig Carson commented: "Jeco Plastic Products was selected by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences because of our unique ability to thermoform complex plastic compounds and to incorporate a wide variety of reinforcing materials into seemingly simple structures.  The work is proceeding well, and we are pleased to be of service to our country in this fashion."  

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