Plataine Patent Office Multi-Dimensional Resource Optimisation in the Manufacture of Substantially Two-Dimensional Elements in the US

19 August 2014

Plataine has been granted United States Patent # 8,798,779, titled "Multi-dimensional resource optimisation in the manufacture of substantially two-dimensional elements".

According to Plataine, the new patented invention enables the efficient use of resources to fulfil customer orders, product design and resource data, and subject to specific business' rules and objectives, such as consumption of units of raw material and utilisation of production stations. It says, for a given set of customer orders, multiple scenarios of production plans are automatically and optimally computed and recomputed until an optimised production plan is achieved. The production plan can be generated at a location remote from the manufacturing site, and it can then be sent automatically to the production stations.

"This patent award demonstrates our dedication to create and then protect the value of our sophisticated algorithms and technology, affirming Plataine's leadership position in the creation of innovative solutions for manufacturers in the range of industries we operate in," said Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO of Plataine. "Over the last 20 years, Plataine has continuously invested in innovation and we continue to innovate in the production, automation and optimization market, leveraging our highly experienced team of world-class engineers, as well as our customer base to identify the needs and challenges that they face."

Plataine says its patented production optimisation and automation solutions bridge the gap between CAD, ERP and the production floor, enabling manufacturers of finished goods using composites materials, metal, textiles, fabric and plywood, to be more competitive by increasing material utilisation, improving productivity, controlling quality and shortening manufacturing cycles to ensure on-time delivery of products to customers.

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