Expliseat Titanium Seat Receives EASA ETSO Approval

08 April 2014

The Titanium Seat was awarded EASA ESTO approval on April 1 2014.

Expliseat explains that after passing several tests and controls, the Titanium Seat is now approved for flight on board European and international airline companies.

According to Expliseat, the Titanium Seat is the lightest seat in the world whilst still ensuring passenger safety. By receiving certification to fly in Europe, the seat has proven that safety requirements and robustness can be combined with sleek design and comfort.

The Titanium Seat underwent hundreds of tests in real-life flying conditions, and technical verifications of the seat’s resistance. The European Aviation Safety Agency awarded ETSO C39c certification to Expliseat for its revolutionary seat, which will now be installed on board aircraft in Europe and around the world.

 “With this certification, the reliability of our seat has been confirmed, proving it can provide both safety and passenger comfort. The Titanium Seat is a substantial technical achievement, combining robustness and performance, and it breathes new life into the aircraft seat market”, said Benjamin Saada, Expliseat CEO.

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