Berria Bike Launches Frames Reinforced by TeXtreme

08 April 2014

Berria Bike Launches Frames Reinforced by TeXtreme

Berria Bike has introduced its new 2014 bikes in Feria de Madrid. The top models, Bravo Team 29 MTB and Team Belador Road frames are both using the carbon fiber material TeXtreme.

According to Oxeon, TeXtreme is the next generation carbon fibre material in the bicycle industry; it is based on using Spread Tows instead of yarns to achieve ultra-light weight and high-performance products. Companies utilising the TeXtreme Technology achieve better properties on weight, stiffness, strength, etc. compared to those using other carbon fibre materials.

David Vitoria, R & D Manager Berria Bike says: "We are very pleased to have TeXtreme carbon fibre fabrics in our top range of frames. Together with our technologies Triple Monocoque, EPSS and resins CNT Nanotech, TeXtreme has allowed us to build bike frames that have ultra-light weight combined with for us previously unthinkable high stiffness values. This has improved the reactivity and the feature set of our bikes."

José Vitoria, Sales Manager of Berria Bike says: "In a short period of time, the marketing of our Team MTB and road range reinforced by TeXtreme, have created much curiosity and satisfaction in bike community. Thanks to the well-recognised benefits associated with TeXtreme in the world of sports, especially in F1, it early on contributed to a high market acceptance for us using this sophisticated material.”

Photo provided by Oxeon

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