Fibrelite Supply D400 Trench Covers For Pharmaceutical Plant in Cumbria

29 April 2014

Fibrelite Supply D400 Trench Covers For Pharmaceutical Plant in Cumbria

Fibrelite has been specified for extensive new construction work that is to redirect pipework from overhead gantries to underground at a site where D400 covers were critical to the customer due to regular heavy goods traffic.

Fiberlite explains the company chose its covers as it is actively involved in health and safety and could see the huge potential of lightweight covers for easy and quick removal. Various sizes were manufactured to cater for the corners and smaller sections so a perfect fit was achieved.

According to Fibrelite, the construction involved pre-cast concrete trenches with a concrete rebate for the covers to be housed into. Strength and no maintenance issues both proved to be of great benefit to the customer.

During the installation, the Fibrelite technical team worked closely with the engineers and contractors from the design stage of the panels to delivery ensuring that the product was of the highest specification and the products were installed within the required project timeframes.

Benefits over the more traditional, technologically inferior metal covers are described as:

  • Lightweight for easy and safe manual removal.
  •  Load ratings from A15 to F900 (BS EN 124).
  • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant.

Photo provided by Fibrelite.

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