Hutchinson Launches CTeC, Composite Technical Centre

15 April 2014

Hutchinson Launches CTeC, Composite Technical Centre

Hutchinson has launched CTeC, Composite Technical Centre, an innovation centre dedicated to the development of new composite products, materials and processes which, by the end of 2014, is expecting to employ 50 personnel.

Located next to the Hutchinson Research Centre, Hutchinson explains the CTeC benefits from the whole group's expertise in all areas as acoustics, material characterisation, mechanical vibration and thermal protection, in addition to its premium computing capabilities The creation of the CTeC in Châlette-sur-Loing, France, allows a very high standard of support in the design, development and qualification of systems or composite parts: complex structures, fluid distribution systems, smart panels with their supporting structures.

According to Hutchinson, the CTeC is working on new manufacturing processes, with greatly reduced cycle times, such as injection in all its forms, stamping, thermoforming and pultrusion or filament winding, in addition to new materials such as specific thermoplastic alloys. "We develop new processes particularly less labour intensive with reduced or even without hand lay-up" explains Bertrand Florentz, Director of the CTeC. "Our advantage: our ability to integrate functions into our composites thanks to numerous proprietary qualified solutions and materials, such as the absorption or damping of sound and vibration, thermal insulation, electrical conductivity or resistivity. Important advantages for the transport sector!" 

Photo provided by Hutchinson

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