Owens Corning Launches Improved Multi-purpose Chop Roving for Weaving & Knitting Applications

01 April 2014

Owens Corning has introduced ME 3060 roving designed to combine excellent processing characteristics with enhanced final laminate surface quality.

The company explains ME 3060 roving delivers excellent processing characteristics resulting from its uniform dispersion, low fuzz and smooth laydown. It is recommended for general purpose, stitched fabrics with polyester, vinylester, or epoxy resins, and can be used for complexes in marine and industrial applications.

“ME 3060 roving allows end users to optimize their resin consumption due to excellent impregnation quality,” said Dr. Sanghamitra Sircar, Owens Corning Global Product Manager for Multi-End Rovings. “In addition, the ease of chopping delivered by the ME 3060 roving can provide benefits in terms of fewer changes of chopper blades and reduced defects from long chops. Overall, these features improve productivity for our customers and end users.”

Owens Corning states ME3060 roving is produced using Advantex corrosion-resistant glass fibers, which combines the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E-glass with the acid corrosion resistance of E-CR glass.

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