Sigmatex Unveils Technical Excellence Centre

17 September 2013

Sigmatex has announced the creation of the Sigmatex Technical Excellence Centre (SigmaTEC).

Sigmatex says the SigmaTEC will consist of a number of Technicians, Technologists and Engineers, providing customers with technical innovation and cutting edge solutions through a collaborative approach.

The company claims the creation of SigmaTEC is also supported by significant investment in new weaving technology being driven by customer need with the following included in the expansion.

  • 3D weaving using full size Weaving Loom and Unival 100 Jacquard;
  • High Speed Tape Weaving machine;
  • Multiaxial Weaving Technology;
  • UD development area;
  • Wet Laboratory for infusing textiles equipped with Composites Integration Vacuum infusion equipment and oven;
  • Dry Laboratory for characterisation using a 200kN Instron Tensile Testing machine; and
  • Weave Design Software including Simulation for design.

Photo provided by Sigmatex.

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