LSM Advanced Composites Launch Motocross Bike “Skycraft” with Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Monocoque

22 October 2013

The world’s first purpose built freestyle motocross machine has been built using a heavy duty carbon fibre monocoque frame by LSM Advanced Composites in Queensland, Australia.

The frame contains a fuel cell as well as a carbon fibre swingarm, which has the muffler integrated inside it. The machine was launched at the American International Motocycle Expo in Florida, US, on 17 October.

Conceptualised by unit co-founder Ian Everest and engineered by Ludo Lacroix of Triple Race Eight Engineering Australia, the companies say the Skycraft concept challenges conventional motorcycle design rules.  A central goal was weight reduction.  Skycraft is constructed almost entirely from carbon fibre and titanium components.  At just 75 kilograms (165 pounds), the bike is over 25% lighter than a standard motocross machine.

Liam Mahoney, Managing Director at LSM commented, “This was a particularly enjoyable challenge.  We have for many years supplied to Triple Eight Race Engineering critical components for their V8 Supercars in Australia, so when Ludo contacted us with the intricate specification for the bike our composite design team was proud to have the opportunity to work with Ludo in formulating a solution for this unique project.”

“Considering that the bike in its field of Freestyle Motocross it is required to perform spectacular leaps into the air, designing a laminate that provides the structural integrity for the landing whilst incorporating the fuel cell and the muffler in the swingarm certainly had some deep and thoughtful design moments.”

Photo provided by LSM Advanced Composites 

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