C-PLY Used for the First Time in a "Live" Demonstration at the K 2013 Show

22 October 2013

A carbon roof panel for the Roding Roadster was made in real time, and mass produced, at the K’2013 show, which took place on 16 – 23October in Dusseldorf, Germany, using Chomarat C-PLY. The project is the brainchild of a partnership between a variety of companies in the composites field.

Chomarat states this latest technological advancement in the resin transfer moulding (RTM) process using a polyurethane (PU) system with short cycle times makes it possible to produce composite parts with an excellent surface quality directly out of the mould. The company says the challenge of this process is to obtain, with the same tooling, a surface appearance that is compatible with both a visible carbon design and a surface quality allowing class A paints without any preliminary preparation or subsequent retouching.

Chomarat claim the use of C-PLY Spread as a reinforcement contributes to the success of this project. C-PLY is a line of NCF carbon reinforcements developed by means of the latest fibre spread technologies. The line provides perfectly flat and homogeneous thin layers which limit the occurrence of microcracks. Its special construction gives it the necessary flexibility to make it readily deformable, and allows good positioning in the mold while still maintaining good permeability for RTM injection.

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