Composites One Launches ‘Closed Molding Knowledge Center’ Online Portal

19 November 2013

The portal, Composites One says, will be regularly updated and provide the latest information on closed-moulding products, processes and tooling information.

“Over a decade ago, we made a commitment to help our customers learn the latest about closed moulding processes so they could stay competitive and grow their business,” said Composites One Marketing Manager, Marcy Offner. “To reinforce that commitment, we’ve held Lean Mean Closed Mould Machine demos at major industry events so manufacturers could experience these processes first-hand and founded Closed Mold University to provide them with education and training. We’re also are a founding member of the Closed Mold Alliance, a turnkey solution for making a seamless transition to these processes.”

“Now we’re taking the next step,” added Offner, “by making the experience and information we’ve gained interactive on our new Closed Molding Knowledge Center.”

Composites One says that in a single click, it gives site visitors access to the following information.

  • Comprehensive overviews of the most popular closed mould processes including Reusable Bag Moulding, Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP), and Light Resin Transfer Moulding (Light RTM);
  • Innovative knowledge on catalysts, resin, reinforcements, and other products from the industry’s top suppliers;
  • Guidelines on the proper tooling used in each process;
  • Technical support, education, and training in closed moulding from the Closed Mold Alliance, including “Ask an Expert,” which provides response to closed moulding questions within 48 hours; and
  • Closed moulding resources, videos, technical articles, and more.

Site visitors will also find a calendar of closed mould training events across the United States, technical articles on new product developments, and a roadmap guiding manufacturers in their closed mould transition. Also on the Knowledge Center are case histories featuring innovative applications of closed moulding techniques.

According to Offner, this is just the start. “New content and features will be added to the Closed Molding Knowledge Center on a regular basis,” she said. “That will provide a more valuable online experience for site visitors and ensure that they always have access to the most recent data.”

The new Closed Molding Knowledge Center is produced by Composites One, with support from the Closed Mold Alliance and its supplier partners, including 3M, Airex Baltek, CCP Composites, Chemtrend, Chomarat, Magnum Venus Plastech, United Initiators Inc., and Vectorply. “We’re very thankful to these partners for their continuous expertise and support,” said Offner.

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