Alan Harper Composites Demonstrates Vacuum Moulding Infusion Technology at the Composites Engineering Show

19 November 2013

The company says the new Vacuum Moulding Infusion (VPI) attracted large crowds at the Composites Engineering Show on 12 - 13 November at Birmingham’s NEC complex, UK, who were surprised by the process’ simplicity.

Dominique Coste, Marketing Director at Chomarat and Neil Gray Business Manager at Scott Bader expressed that the system was of interest as it allowed many different resins to be infused and it provided a better glass ratio in a surprisingly simple in operation.

Alan Harper Composites made eight parts in a live demonstration. Each of these demonstrations allowed clients to see the glass loaded, the resin poured and then infuse rapidly in 25 seconds. The demonstrated technology was supported by an oral presentation on the first day of the exhibition titled ‘VPI - A New Way to Mould’.

The black small machine guard demo moulding was non-gel coated and VPI infusion moulded with 220g of Scott Bader hand lay resin PD9360PA and Chomarat Rovicore 450/D3/450 giving 41% bw glass content.

VPI technology is already being used in the UK, Canada, South America, Malaysia and Thailand.

Photo provided by Alan Harper Composites.

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