MARKOS Officially Starts Production in its Newly Constructed Hall

11 November 2013

MARKOS says it has  started production in its newly constructed hall, using vacuum bag moulding and resin-transfer moulding technology.

 “MARKOS is a production company” says Mr Koseski, Owner, “we are 100% focused on product, customer and production.”

The company says the new production hall is divided into two parts – the laminating section and the assembly section – totalling over 2000sq m. An additional 900sq m is used for storage, office and social rooms. In accordance with company environment policy, the facility is equipped with an advanced system for the reduction of volatile organic compounds (mainly styrene) into the atmosphere. MARKOS has a total of 15.500 sq m of production halls, offices, stores and workshops.

In the new production hall two types of wind turbine nacelles and hub covers are produced, both in vacuum bag moulding and RTM technology.

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