Interplastic Corporation Offers CIPP “Green” Resins

11 November 2013

Interplastic Corporation has announced it now offers CIPP “green” resins that eliminate the environmental concerns in lining underground pipes.

Interplastic says its CIPP “green” resin allows for the repairing of partially or fully deteriorated underground pipes with environmental safety in mind. It states that these new resins are a proven solution in gravity pipelines providing consistent quality, fast wet out, trouble-free processing, high strength, and excellent flexural modulus properties.

The ECO series resins have no styrene, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and no hazardous Air pollutants (HAPs). They meet ASTM F1216 requirements and reduce the likelihood of stress cracking and shrinkage with a lower exotherm in the enhanced version.

Interplastic Corporation is a specialty chemical company with its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, US. The company focuses on the production and sale of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins, gel coats, colorants and putties for the composites and cast polymer industries. Interplastic is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

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