Cranfield University Invites Companies to Have Their Say on the Future of Composites Recycling

11 November 2013

The data will be gained from a second round of the Waste Mapping Workshop for composites manufacturers hosted by the university.

Through attending the workshop, companies will be invited to explore   the opportunity of getting involved in a cutting-edge research on developing innovative strategies for reuse of composite material waste from manufacturing processes. 

The workshop aims to develop models of waste flow from manufacturing and as a part of the participation organisations will be able to realise value of their scrap streams and identifying opportunities for material reuse within/across sectors.

The workshop is one- to-one session and takes around one and a half hour.  

This research opportunity is being in a frontier in developing the remanufacturing strategies to create commercially viable reuse solutions for the future. This is a part of EPSRC funded EXHUME Project (

Interested organisations can contact Justyna Rybicka at

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