CDI Demonstrates the Cost Benefits of In-House Prepreg Production at SAMPE 2013

07 May 2013

CDI (Century Design) will be showcasing the new CD6012 machine at SAMPE 2013.

CDI says it will be demonstrating the machine to show how composite part producers can manage and control their own prepreg manufacturing while driving down costs and reducing production lead times.

CDI claim the CD6012 is an ultra-compact, highly efficient production prepreg machine with intelligent construction. Its small dimensions make the CD6012 an easy addition for laboratories as well as composite part production operations. When used with the paired CD 9312 Precision Resin Filmer, the company say the CD6012 appeals to customers processing special proprietary resin formulations and fibres not readily available from conventional prepreg suppliers.

According to CDI tests, using these machines in tandem will realise capability of producing in excess of 500,000sqm of prepreg a year. This results in substantial lead-time reduction, fewer logistics complications and improved on-time inventory availability. Users also maintain privacy around valuable intellectual property related to their own unique chemistries or processes.

“Prepreg users rely on timely manufacture and efficient delivery of their products from their prepreg suppliers. However, small and mid-market prepreg customers frequently suffer lengthy lead times and lost revenue because of prepreg-supplier schedule changes. The CD6012 offers these composite part makers the opportunity to have reliable cost-effective prepreg manufacturing capability ‘on demand’ in their own plants. CDI is delighted to be able to present this concept at SAMPE 2013” remarked Keith McConnell, President of CDI.

Photo provided by Century Design.

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