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MoviTHERM Introduces a Portable NDT System for Composite Materials Inspection

28 May 2013

MoviTHERM has introduced the C-CheckIR, a portable NDT inspection system which includes presets for common composite materials such as carbon, and glass fibres.

The company say that the new system requires no specialised training, and is controlled using a tablet PC with a software interface, bringing active thermographic NDT inspection within reach for entirely new market sectors. Inspection parameters are adjustable, enabling custom configurations, but the majority of standard inspections will require only minimal set-up prior to obtaining useful results.

The integrated optical excitation source provides thermal excitation to the sample under test. The system’s thermal camera captures a sequence of inspection images for analysis. The results of the analysis are presented in the form of an image, graphically revealing the internal structure of the inspected material. Typical defects such as delaminated regions are easily identified in the result image.

Unlike other thermographic inspection devices that are designed for stationary operation, MoviTHERM say that its C-CheckIR system is designed for portability. The entire system is compact, and fits in a single ruggedised transport case. The system’s inspection head is mounted on a lightweight, aluminium support frame. Vacuum-powered suction-cup feet enable operators to inspect objects and surfaces in any position, and at any arbitrary angle, including vertical or under-side surfaces. Pressing a button engages the vacuum, fixing the inspection frame firmly to the surface under test.

The above attributes mean that MoviTHERM believe the C-CheckIR is ideal for NDT Service Providers who routinely perform on-site NDT inspection at remote locations.

Photo provided by MoviTHERM

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